Wow, lots have changed...

Well, it's been about three months since I posted last. Where to start.

We have a nice house and are all settled in! :)

About a month ago my hubby deployed... :( Sucks. As of August 3rd he's been in for a year! But, of that year we have only been together for 5 months :( Really stinks, but we knew this is something that we would have to deal with. We were as prepared for the lack of time as we possibly could have been. I made sure after his 6 months of BCT and AIT that I kept my mind set as him not being there to do things for me. That way when he left it wasn't a total "OMG he's gone and I have no one to do such and such".

So far this has been a crappy time. I baby sit the devils spawn...the oldest boy decided to take a lighter and burn things in my daughters' room (that was week 1) then today he decided to play with a gas can I had out. I mowed the lawn and when I came back out I seen wet spots on the ground and on the rubber piece on the back on the mower.

Not to mention both girls are pushing me! Yesterday Maddie was AMAZING. She has been doing laundry for a few days (even washes only 5 things because she can't find anything else...I told her to wait until it's full), then she decided to clean the litter box, take the trash bag out of the trash can and put it by the door, and she also moved the dog cage and swept up the spilled dog food. But today....OMG. Terrible! Like worse than ever type of terrible. I baby sat and none of the 5 kids would listen, then after they left MY kids still wouldn't listen. Keep getting into things that they KNOW they shouldn't. UGH!!!

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I really need to start a journal of all the GOOD things that happen during the day. That way I can look back and go "It wasn't ALL bad"...Maybe tomorrow I will.

I also am trying to lose weight. I'm eating better (less junk and more healthy snacks), and doing more "exercises" than I normally did. Hopefully I will start seeing something soon. Would be great to be at my goal weight when he comes home for R&R.

Can not wait until he comes home! Miss him SO much! He is my soul mate, my world, the love of my life! Being away from him and not being able to see him is KILLING ME. I have seen him on Skype 3 times since he's left! UGH! :(


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