On March 2nd my husband came home from school and told me he wanted to go talk to a recruiter and join the Air Force. At first I was upset because it sounded like he had just decided this is what was going to happen and not talk to me about it. That wasn't the case, he wanted to come to me with all the information he could before we talked about it, the only way to do that was to go talk to a recruiter. He didn't want to do that behind my back.

We went in a few days later and talked to someone, and found out that with all the waivers he needed it was next to impossible to join the Air Force. So, we went and talked to the Army. It took me a while to get over the fact that I would be taking my girls away from their family, but, we will have a better life.

For the next few weeks we had been going in and Jeremy had been getting taped and weighed. Finally he had gotten down to the body fat % they wanted him to get to. On Monday he went down to Indy and did the Arms test. He passed that and qualified to join. So Wednesday we went in and he picked his job. He will be a Field Artillery Surveyor. The job came with an $18,000 sign on bonus. Also since he's gotten 24+ collage credits he will get a pay raise ($750 a month) plus he will get $3,000 extra on his bonus.

So, Thursday he went back to Indy. He swore in on Friday at noon. I went down and watched him. Took pictures so I can start the Army photo album that my FIL and his wife gave us.

According to the job print out, he goes to basic training on August 3rd. Will be there until October 16th, that's graduation. They have a visitors day just before graduation that I'm going to try my hardest to go to. Then he will stay at Fort Sill in Oaklahoma until December 8th doing his advanced individual training. After his AIT we will find out where we will get stationed. According to 1st Sgt, he will be home for Christmas. Hopefully we can spend it here.

For now, that is all that I know. I will be using this blog a lot. A way to keep a log of my new life as an army wife.

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