I was having a really bad day and wrote him a depressing letter on how bad it's been. The next day I apologised to him because he dosen't need to hear that from me right now.

Today I got his letter he wrote about it. He told me that I'm such a strong person, and that he is so proud to call me his wife.

I SO totally needed to hear that. It makes me feel like I can do this and that everything is going to be ok. Man oh man do I love him...I can't wait to see him. 3 weeks!! YEY! 21 days!! Only 19 until I leave to go to Oklahoma. I'm so excited!!

I got Mak a little potty today. We went and she picked her own out. Yesterday she came to me with a diaper, when I went to change her she had just started to poop. I asked her if she wanted to go set on the potty and she ran to the bathroom. She freaked out when I put the potty seat on the big potty. So, we got her a little one. Got home and I set it up for her. She sat on it clothed and when I went to chang her for her nap I asked if she wanted to set on it. She did, but didn't do anything. So I went to put her diaper back on and she threw a FIT. I put her back on it and she sat there. She finally went pee in it!! I was so happy. She looked at the potty then at me and she closed the lid and ran off...I went to her room to put her diaper on and she had pooped on the floor LOL.

Well both kids are sleeping. I should get some work done. I'm tired though, so I don't know what I'll do. LOL.

So, last week was a bad week. I did fine during the day, but at night I'd lose it. The girls have been at each others throats! Hopefully this week will be better!

I got to see a picture of Jeremy coming out of the gas chamber. He didn't look like he had too much fun in there. LOL. I know I wouldn't! I also seen his bunk mate, he was in front of him in the picture. Yesterday when I talked to him (for over 2 hours!!) I asked if I was going to get to meet any of the guys in his platoon. I guess his bunk mates wife wants us all to go out to dinner. That is kinda cool.

I also found out what Maddie wants to be for Halloween. Pirate! LOL. I thought that was cool, but now think it's even cooler because 4th platoon (Jeremy's platoon) are the Raiders...and their mascot thing is a Pirate!! That made it even cooler and Jeremy is very happy. He even told his bunk mate and I heard him say "That's F*cking awesome!!" :)

3 weeks and 4 day's until we get to see him. I'm so excited!! He told me yesterday that his graduation day they are doing a battery run. It's a 6 mile run (they wake up every morning and the whole battery (221 guys) runs) and family is invited to join them on their last run. Of course Jeremy asked if I was going to do it and I laughed. He said "You probably wouldn't even get out of bed at 4:30 to do it" so now I'm on a mission. I'm going to start running, and I'll prove to him that I CAN get up that early. Now weather or not I make it through the 6 miles or not is another story. I will be bequeathing my assets just in case I don't make it. LOL.

Well, I should get the kids fed and ready for bed. We are going to MEPS tomorrow to see my sis off. She is leaving for BCT also. Now that everyone that's helped me through this is gone I don't know what I'm going to do. She's listened to me cry on the phone...I'll figure something out though :)

Bad day

Most the day was ok. But right now it all seems bad. I miss Jer SO much right now. I feel heart broken...All I want to do is cry.

I got to see a picture of him from a few weeks ago...that might be why I'm like this. I just want this to be over with!!

I can't sleep at night...I just lay there for hours! OMG. This is taking forever!

That's what I have been doing. It feels like that's all I have been doing. Yesterday I was in there cleaning my room...the youngest comes in "wha doin?" I said, "cleaning" she goes "why?" "because mommy needs to clean her room" "why" "it's dirty" "why"....On and on with "WHY?" already! She's only 1 1/2! UGH.

But, you can see my floor now :D and pretty much my dresser. I even cleaned out the closet. I just have to go through and get rid of clothes now. That will take forever! I just want to get stuff ready for us to move now, that way when DH gets home I won't have to do any of that when I could be spending time with him. He says that I'm not leaving his side once he gets home. I said something about going to a spa and leaving him with the girls and he said no, we are going to both go get full body massages...ugh. There goes my spa day!

I can not wait until he gets home! Things should start going by even faster once his graduation gets here. We will be in Oklahoma for his graduation the 16th. I will be home for 2 weeks then on my way to Texas and Oklahoma. Then home for 2 weeks and on my way to South Carolina and then Oklahoma. That will be my last trip to Oklahoma unless they station us there.

I hate not knowing where we are going! It sucks so bad! Then I find out there is a rumor going around that they are taking his MOS and another MOS and making a new MOS...if that happens he won't start AIT for 2 months after he graduates. UGH!! That would suck only if he has to stay there and we have to stay here. If he can come home in between that then it would be ok. But I couldn't take 2 more months of this crap! I miss almost everything about him...everything but the farting. I could do with out that!

Well I should get off here. I have more cleaning to do...I need to find a way to get rid of fleas too. They are all over in the house. UGH!

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