Too much

Oh holy Hades I did it now. I am supposed to bake a cake, no big deal right...Well I waited way to long and now, I have to do the fondant, bake the cake, put it together. Meanwhile, go to a baseball game, go to a family gathering, then go to the party. Hopefully the family thing is later in the day tomorrow giving me time to do it. Plus! in the morning I have to go to the farmers market since Saturday morning is the only day that it will be open.

I am planning on doing the fondant tonight. This will be my first attempt. We will see how it goes. Then doing the cake tomorrow. I might bake it tonight too and then just put it together tomorrow. I hope it turns out well!

I was going to make plans with a friend to go to the fair and watch the parade, then DH comes home and tells me that they are getting tickets from work to go to a baseball game. Free is free, and they are paying for our parking PLUS giving us "wizard bucks" to spend. NO problem going to the game!

Well we will see if I survive!

OH YEAH!! is doing a givaway with TEAlicious. One lucky winner will get a basket of different teas and such from TEAlicious. Hope I win!!

New title

Well, the lovely ladies at mommymatter helped picke out my title. I'm horrible at coming up with "cool" things. They are so cool! :D

I like it, it fits!

Going to hopefully get a cool banner to put up on it.

Well I'm off to do a Walmart survey. One day I'll get lucky and win the gift card!

Oh lordy, it's been a long while. Let me see. Last time I was here I was still pregnant. I now have a 5 month old baby girl. She is getting BIG. Trying to crawl and play with her big sis and the dogs...which by the way we got another one. He is driving me INSANE!

I'm STILL trying to get the house situated. My mom moved out, and we have the house to ourselves. We are painting the living room right now (will post pictures sometime). Got tired of white walls and paneling. I lived in apartments for 3 years that I couldn't paint the white walls dang it I'm going to do it now!! Next will be the hallway, mainly because there is now permanent marker on the wall. Then probably the girl's room. Going to do that in Dora.

Other than taking care of the family, not a whole lot has gone on. I'm "looking" for at least a part time job that I can work evenings. Not going to swell. The stupid gas station has been out of applications for 2 weeks at least! Drives me nuts. I don't want to drive to far away and spend my check on just gas, that will defeat the purpose of me getting a job!

Well, that's pretty much all that's going on. I'm sure I will have more to write about! It's late, I have to put Jer's work clothes in the dryer before I can go to bed so I thought I'd hop on here.

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