New Shoes?

There are million thing that I would love to have! However, money prevents me from obtaining them at this moment.

I would *LOVE* a fabulous new purse, that top that fits just perfectly on my extra baby fat belly, new pants that make my ass look like it came from a supermodels body...most importantly SHOES. I love shoes. These are my favorite pair of shoes...I love these shoes. I got them Mothers Day weekend. I even let my 3 year old clomp around in them (occasionally) and SHE loves them. They make me feel sexy! If you don't have a pair of shoes that makes you feel sexy, your missing out. You REALLY need to find a pair.

While reading some blogs I came across one that said there was a giveaway at this other blog. Well I just had to check it out and guess what they are giving away...That's right...SHOES!! You heard read me right, they are giving a way a pair of shoes! Go fast, check it out, I'll wait! Classy Shoes Giveaway!!!

I would love a pair of these...she was dusting the house in them, they gotta be comfy! If I don't win, I'll have to save my pennies!

OMG! I so am not touching my blog ever again! I'm happy with pink and black, and with the way it looks!

Thank you SO much to Lisa ( ) for getting my banner up, and making my page look less smooshed. Your a doll!

We (Lisa and I because she was getting all goofy eyed looking at my HTML code, that she told me what to look for) couldn't figure out how to get the signature that Alisha ( made for me on the blog. Some how the thing just wasn't there. So, after looking all day yesterday, I decided that it wasn't that important. Well today I looked again, still wasn't there. There was one just slightly different than the one that we were looking for. I put my HTML knowledge from my web page I made to use...and walla I have a siggy!! YEY!

I'm still waiting on word from Lisa that I didn't screw anything up. Also, I'm not so sure I like the white behind the doesn't look right. I think if at all possible I would like it black, that way all you see is my name in pink. IDK tho. If it's to difficult, I'll leave it. I have caused enough headaches in the past day or 2....

I hate that all my friends live in different states. I can't really bake a cake and send to Lisa to thank her (since cakes are my thing now...). It wouldn't make shipping in one peice...unless...hmmm..I could put it on dry ice...*pondering* I might just have to try this once....just to see if it makes it and is in one piece...and still tastes like cake after it thaws....hmm...

How much is dry ice? Where do you get it? I'm serious about trying this...What would I need? Dry Ice, Cake, Box for cake, Bigger styrofoam box for cake and dry ice, something to keep dry ice off box cake is in...what else? (this might have to wait until I have extra money...)

If you have any extra ideas send them my way!

HTML lessons 101

Are you HTML challaged?

Yeah well, apparently that would be me too. Even though I made a web page by myself...I be dumb doing it on blogger. OMG.

I spent ALL day yesterday fixing my blog, only to RUIN it!

Now, things that worked perfectly before are not working now. My cool blog banner thingy that Lisa ( made me...will not load AT ALL. The picture says it's there when I bring it from my computer. I even tried to load one off some web page that has free header thingys. OMG! What did I do??

Lesson 1: When it's not "broke" don't fix it!

Yes, I hate the fact that my blog looks "smooshed" and that there is so much room on the sides of that blog that I would love to move my side bar over and have more room for my actual posts. But, I can live with the "smooshieness" of the posts. I just want my banner back! *read that as whiny as you can, because that's how I said it*

I am patiently waiting Lisa (mentioned above) to look and see if she can fix it. Not sure if she can. I probably farked it up good. Leave it to me to do it too.

If there is anyone out there willing to help me, please do. The more the merrier in my opinion. I have no clue how to fix my header...none at all. I liked it SO much better when this was up there.

It was so pretty...*reminiscing about my banner at the top, not middle of the page*

Lesson 2: Listen to people when they tell you that you will mess it up.

Yeah that's right, I was told. Lisa said if you don't know anything about HTML you'll mess it up. Even though I *thought* that I knew enough to get me through, I should have NEVER touched it.

So what have I learned from my "Lessons"? Listen to Lisa! DON'T TOUCH IT OR YOUR GOING TO MESS IT UP!

Now somehow I don't have my banner. I can not add a profile picture, and my quick edit on my posts is missing. I don't know what I did...

School is cool?!

I have been *flirting* with the idea of sending my darling 3 year old to *gasp* preschool! I SO do not want her to grow up! Preschool is just the beginning...soon it will be kindergarten. Then before you know it she's graduated and off to collage! OMG! It's all happening WAY to fast.

So, I call the school today (secretly hoping that they have no openings, because they took the sign down last week)...No answer, so I leave my message. She calls back. Talk to her...only requirements are that she needs to be 3 years old, and potty trained. Well, *damnit* she's both. They have an open house on the 26th, to meet teachers, and sign up. I suppose we will go...I keep telling myself that it will be good for her AND for me. PLUS it's only from 9-11:30, so she's not going to be gone all day.

This is my baby girl! The weekend she was born, still at the hospital! There's no way she should be going to SCHOOL!

This is her now...all of 3 years old and growing...

Anyone know how to make her stop?!

Boy has the past week been BUSY!!

Jer had family up from Texas. I had only met one of them before. That was a blast!
We went out to eat, to the Warren Dunes, chilled at my MIL's, my house, and in Mi. Also, I got a tink tattoo... I love it! She's not quite "Tink" like you see her and they decided that she needed a piercing. LOVE it!!! Jon (from Tx) does tattoos and he came with all his tattoo stuff. Worked on my MIL's first, then did mine, after me he worked on Jer's...

He does a great job! MIL got one, with her boyfriends name...they fight ALL the time. She also got flowers done in her kids birthstone colors, plus 2 butterflies for her grandkids. She added them to Jer's flower along with a heart for me, all done in our birthstone colors. Off of her boyfriends name she has 2 hearts for his kids. It's a good "idea" with her kids and stuff...but not the boyfriend...expecially since he's always ready to go...IDK. Her foot...she can decide...

I waited until after we went to the Dunes to get mine done. I had never been there. It was a blast! So pretty!! I do have sand all over now, but it's all good!

There is a huge hill that we climbed. It's nothing but sand. The view was great! I did learn that you don't go there in flip flops. The sand was ON FIRE! The closer we got to the top the hotter it got! Maddie and daddy didn't make it all the way up. She wouldn't walk and daddy carried her.

I so would not mind going back there. It's so pretty.

There were other things to do too. They have trails to hike on. Next time we are going to check that stuff out too.

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