Loving my Soldier!!


I am so proud of him. Words will never ever describe just how my heart feels at this moment. It could just burst with love for my soldier. I miss him so much! I wish I could have been there to watch him get pinned. Would have been great, but one day I know I will be able to.

I know I complain about him being gone, or whatever...but there are some people that do nothing BUT complain. OMG. I liked a page on facebook and it's nothing but depressing things. Complaining about things that is COMMON sense. Things that EVERYONE knows before they join the Army. It just drives me insane the things they find to moan and groan about. Especially the people that their husbands are going to be gone a week or 2. HOLY COW. I would take a week or two every other 2 weeks than a year straight.

But see...I knew this was a possibility, I KNEW what we were signing up for. I knew it would be difficult, I knew there would be times where we were separated. In this day of age, how can you go into this SO blind. There are a million websites out there with people talking about the life they are in. There are so many people you can talk to and find out what they have gone through. Seriously?

Sorry, it just drives me insane. People really need to get a clue.

Ok, done with that. Maddie starts school tomorrow! My baby is getting so big. :( I bought her pants and shirts from the GIRLS section at the store...not the baby section. :( But her outfit she has picked out is so cute. Will post pictures...even though I don't think anyone reads this. LOL.


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