Been a while!

So it's been a while since I wrote...(a week actually)

Where to start?

Our anniversary was ok. I got a beautiful ear ring and necklace set that I wanted. I got hubby a PlayStation game that he wanted, and I ordered a blanket but my MIL didn't actually order it for me. She's not all there.

Other than that the week was pretty uneventful...OH I finally got approved for Medicaid and have a Dr appointment tomorrow, so excited. I hope they do an ultrasound and will wait for hubby to get there.

Hmm...Oh hubby and his dad went on a fishing trip this weekend to Michigan. They went salmon fishing. He came home with 2 big fish, so we had 4 huge fillets. Cooked 2 last night. There is a recipe I want to try but you have to marinade it for 2 hours and we didn't have that much time. Next time we will do that one.

While he was gone, our daughter and I went to the Fashion Farm with our family. It was my dad, grandma, aunt, 2 cousins, grandpa, and dad's girlfriend. My daughter was being a butt...she didn't want to eat. I know when she got up she had diarrhea, but later after we got home she puked. Great...

Then Sunday we picked up daddy from grandpas house and I went shopping. I left she was in her bed sleeping, got home and she was laying on daddy. I guess she woke up and ended up puking...This morning she puked but it was because she drank to much water to fast...threw up all the water. So far she's not puked since then...running a small fever, nothing major. She only wants water to drink, which is odd. She had toast, and a bite of a burrito...and a cookie. That is all. I am hoping that she gets better before tomorrow.

I have my dr appointment, and really don't want her puking in my grandmas car...
Well I think that's all for now...your all caught up.
I'll be sure to post about the appointment....


Today was mine and my hubby's 3 year anniversary!!

It's been a rocky 3 years, more now than in the past, but we get through it...thank god! I don't know what I would do with out him! We didn't do much to celebrate, mainly because if you don't have the money and it needs to go somewhere else, that's where it goes! We did get each other gifts though. There was this necklace and ear ring set that I liked out of the Lia Sophia catalog, and he got them for me!! I didn't get them when I had my party because I wanted more than the 2 things in my jewelry box. I got him a PlayStation game he has wanted, and a cowboy's blanket. I know...woohoo...nice gift there wifey. Well he liked it! That's all that matters!!

I didn't do a "romantic" dinner at home either...we had Tuna Helper...WOW. We are going to go out to eat in a few weeks when we can afford it. Right now, not so much. That's not what matters though.

I am looking forward to MANY MANY MANY anniversary's together. We have our rough spots, but we get through them, and that's what matters. I love him SO much more than the day I met him.

I already know what I want to get him for Christmas too. We were smart and started a holiday savings account at the bank, and have $100 for each of us...Our daughters $100 is gonna be a Dora TV, and a little Dora bike with training wheels, and the gear to go with it. Hopefully we can find a VCR/DVD combo for cheap to get her so she can watch her movies. We will probably spend more than that on her, this will be her last Christmas alone, our second is due in January. Next year we are going to start the holiday savings account earlier, and add more than $10 a week.

Well, I think I have done enough blogging for today. 3 posts is enough. I'll do more tomorrow :)

Ok, so my mouth isn't the "cleanest" in the neighborhood. Actually, I am having a difficult time NOT swearing around my 2 year old. It's a work in progress, that's going VERY slow.

There is a fine line as to when the child is old enough to KNOW not to say something. My daughter is 2, she doesn't know that little girl's and boy's are not supposed to say the words that mommy's and daddy's do (hence the reason I'm trying to stop). The problem is, when the child is like 5 or 6 and is STILL swearing. I have ran across some kids that swear at their parents, or an "elder" and wow, if it were my kid I'd have the soap ready and their butt would be red. That age is old enough to know better. I started swearing when I was like 15, NEVER around my parents, or grandparents...or anyone that talked to my parents or grandparents for that matter. I knew that if they found out my butt would be SO red, and I wouldn't be able to set down for a week.

I try not to let to much slip, but when you have swore like a sailor for 8 years, it's a hard habit to break. My daughter has said things from shit, f*cker...Not all of it was me, and there are things she had said after hearing it on a movie. She will however learn that it's not nice to say those words. I think mommy needs to start a punishment for her mouth when mommy lets one slip, that way darling daughter wont start cursing at grandma or someone else...

Sure, it's cute when little one's swear when they are like 2. But if they are 6 and say it on a consistent basis, and knows how to use the words I think it's wrong. Kids that age should not know what shit means or how to use it! Kids will be kids, but they should not be swearing like an adult!

Just my 2 cents :)

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Just starting

Ok so here is my first blog post on blogger...I'm checking out a few to see if I like them. I have one at, but not starting out to well. It took a while to figure out how to post a new blog, and then they require a tag (don't know if you have to have one here or not yet) now, it's taking FOREVER for the blog to post. I like the fact that this took me right to where I'm supposed to blog. Plus, I got to pick a layout type thing for my blog. The one at (that is still posting my blog) is plain white right now...Plus I checked out others that were white.

Well, I'm going to finish fixing food. I'll have to keep checking things out!

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