Why do kids have to tattle?? Really?? Drives me insane! Like they need help getting into trouble...but they still come out and tattle. I can hear them laughing, but as soon as something happens Madison will tell on Makayla. Never fails.

Today was a good day with the kids for the most part. They started to not listen to me around dinner time. Go figure. Other than that I was having an off day...feelings of abandonment and such because the only 2 friends I have managed to make are busy, which doesn't bother me at all. I'm use to being alone, they both did it at about the same time. I will get over it and move on. Hopefully make a new friend or something I don't know.

One just found out she is pregnant and has been hanging out with another of the wives. The other's hubby came home from training and they are going to have a baby in October. It sucks being the older person and having 2 kids. It's not as easy to go do things. I really wish I had someone that I could send the girls to for the weekend. I really miss that option. I never used it much, but when I did it helped...and right now all I want to do is cry. :(

I'm going to go soon and register them with the Child Youth Services. I will get 16 hours of free child care, but can only take it in 4 hour blocks. Plus they have hourly that's $2 an hour per child. Along with sports that Maddie can do. I just really miss Jeremy. I hate the nights. It's never bad during the day but at night...it really sucks.

I finally got my donut of misery to work! We are 7% done...have a long long way to go...Please let November get here soon! I really want to go home. I miss my mom!


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