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We are training our dog. Well, trying to train our dog.

He sits fairly well. Lay down, not so well.

So, instead of working on Sit, then Lay my darling husband decides to start teaching him to ROLL OVER! WTF. You work on ONE command until the dog will do that command at least fairly well then, after he has the one command, you work on a new one. I can think of different ones other than roll over to work on. You know...STAY.

I'm sick of the dog already. He STILL pees and poops in the house. I know he's a puppy, but he should be able to at least let me know when he has to go potty. I don't expect the dog to hold it all day. Come on!

I didn't want the dog yet. I just had a baby, and he wanted a dog. He spent $800 on the dog and getting it! We went clear to Tennessee to get it! Yet, the damn dog likes me more! It's because I'm with the dog ALL day, and when J comes home, he does nothing. He's starting to work with the dog though, I guess that's a plus.

There is hair everywhere! He's mean to the little dog (mini doxi), jumps on the kids...drives me crazy! Not to mention he chews on things. My aunt let me keep Rock Band here...he just chewed on a drum stick! Not bad, it just has little holes all over, it's still usable. But, it's not mine and it got chewed on so I have to get new ones. She's going to take money from what she owes for the phone to get some. I found some for $7.99...I'm not buying her a freaking $20 set. I'll take $7.99+tax off what she owes. Nothing more, I shouldn't have to pay extra just because she wants the ones that are $18 something and my dog chewed her stick up. She was talking about getting new ones anyway...So this isn't going to be her excuse to get the "good"ones since I'm technically paying for them.

I'll make a totally different post about the lovely place that my husband works at...

So I did a birthday cake with marshmallow fondant. Let me tell you, I had fun beating it when I got pissed at it! LOL. I didn't have corn starch to put down so I use a light coating of Crisco. It made it to soft, and wouldn't work right. Very good stress relief!

Anyway, we bring the cake in the the boys dad is all "it looks awesome." "looks like it took forever" "it's very beautiful". Really over doing the compliments to the point that he was getting kinda creepy with them (he was in my class in he's already creepy but yeah...).

So, here is the cake...My shapes are not to great because I was free handing most of them and was in a hurry.

It was his 2nd birthday.

This is the stuff that I am going to have to keep practicing with. It was very easy to make! Just mini marshmallows and powdered sugar. It's very sweet!

I'm definitely going to try it again, and hopefully I will give myself more time than I did doing this one. We were an hour late showing up to the cookout that his cousin Amy had at her house the same day as the party. Hehe...oops. It's not like he does not make us late to things that I want to go to!

The hardest part of the cake was getting the blue fondant over the cake. My rolling pin was not a "normal" one, it was half the length and had a ball on one end and was rounded on the other. I don't know what it was used for.

This would be a nice little business to start up some day if I become good at it. Right now, it's just fun. I love creating things for other people. Normally I do holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas) at my grandparents. My grandma had me do 2 for her to take to church, then the church paid me to do 3 for them. I'm going to start doing them for my husbands family too. Can't cheat them out of the pretty cakes I do now can I?
Jeremy things it's crap that I won't make Maddie's birthday cake. I keep telling him that with all the things that I have to plan for the party (since he does not help) that making the
cake is one of the last things that I want to think about. I would rather buy the thing and only have to worry about when I will go get it. He just does not understand.
My only problem is that I don't have many opportunities to practice. Jer and I don't do cakes to often. My grandma said that she and dad would eat it and to bring it up there. Then mom said that she would take it to work and get their opinions. I might start doing that when we have a little bit of extra cash. That way also if they decide that they like it I might be able to do one for someone she works
with if they need a cake for something...Marketing! Yey mom!
**I had another picture of the cake on here but went to spell check and had a word not working right and deleted it and the whole picture deleted too...**

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