Sucky day.

Madison's first day of school was today. I can not believe my baby is in Kindergarten...makes me wonder how my own mom feels with a 26 year old baby and 2 grandkids. Maddie loved it though. We got there late because of traffic and I had to walk her in and didn't get a kiss or hug bye again. Hopefully she continues to enjoy school. Makayla cried when we walked out of school, she wanted sissy.

Today was a day that I really missed Jeremy. I wish he could have been here her first day of school. He missed preK last year too. I'm not looking forwards to the holidays this year again, since he wasn't around at Thanksgiving last year either, or our anniversary. 2 years in a row missing major things sucks. But, we will survive. I'm trying to stay stronger this time than I was the last time. I know I will have my down days, but I'm doing everything I can to make sure I have up days. This deployment WILL NOT GET ME DOWN!

The kids were into everything imaginable today. Rice, bread crumbs, laundry soap, cat food, TV name it they were into it. They did a terrible job of listening to me too. I wish I had family here to help me with them. I feel bad asking the few (2) friends that I have made to take the girls off my hands. They have their own things going on. One's husband is deployed with mine and found out that she is pregnant, and the other one is going to have a baby in 2 months.

Things will get better. Once the school routine sets in....It has to get better right? Plus it will all start going by faster. He's been gone almost a month (which I can't believe it's been that long already) and in November we will go home for a month and a half...then a few months later he will hopefully be able to take R&R...then the deployment will be done. They say the second half goes by faster than the first half. I hope it's true.

My plan for tomorrow is to work out and get the house cleaned. I might run my shampooer to the repair shop to get the cord fixed so I can shampoo the really needs it! It's driving me insane, all these little spots and stains on the carpet from a dog, cat, my 2 kids and the 3 that I baby sit. UGH!

Well I'm off to bed! Tomorrow is a new day and WILL BE BETTER THAN TODAY!!!


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