So far our minds have been changed about a million times. Texas, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina...omg. Plus, I have had panic attacks a lot too. It is so hard to "go with the flow" when your not the type of person that does that sort of thing.

Jeremy is doing Future Soilder training on Thursdays. Trying to go for his PFC before he goes to basic. That will be great!

I'm thinking about visiting my friend in Texas, just to see what it's like living on base. Might do that while he is gone...Would work out great if I could do it right before his graduation, then I wouldn't have a big drive from there to Oklahoma. But, my aunt is driving with me to graduation. Apparently I can't do it alone...Problem is, if Jeremy get's a weekend pass he won't have to be back on base until 6pm on Sunday evening, and she wants to be back to work on Monday. I don't want to miss a WHOLE day with him just to get her back to work. Ugh. I guess it will get figured out sooner or later.

I'm so ready to get out of here. Away from certain people *cough*MIL*cough*. She is driving me crazy. Every little thing she does anymore...but whatever. Hopefully even if we are in Texas and she moves to Texas she will be 3 hours away...won't have to see her that often. North Carolina would be great because she wouldn't go there. I'm mean I know...

The girls are doing good, Maddie had a field trip to the zoo. It was fun. We got to all go as a family for really cheap, and walk around by ourselves. They have another field trip coming up, but I didn't get a permission slip for, will have to get that and turn it in tomorrow, since that's the day they want them back.

Well, that's all for now. Off to cook dinner.

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