Update from Colorado!

Well, I have been MIA for a while here. Lets see....Moved to Colorado Springs and have been getting settled and everything.

I love it here! OMG it is SO beautiful! You can see the mountains right out our front door! We are at the foot of the NORDAC mountain. I'm wondering why I didn't want to move sooner! Guess all things happen when they do for a reason. If we would have moved when Jeremy wanted to I probably wouldn't have been ready for it.

We have been to a bunch of the tourist places here. Garden of The Gods, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (have a zoo pass), Cave of the Winds, Seven Falls, Manitou Cliff Dwellings. It's been fun. There are a few more places that we want to go to.

The girls are liking it here too. We have a fenced in back yard and they can go out and play when it's nice out and I don't have to be out there. Which when the cold weather hits it sucks for me because they are cooped up in the house driving me insane!

Maddie had an awesome birthday party a few weeks ago. We had a cook out with some people in the platoon so the wives could get to know each other. I met a few people that might be nice to hang out with.

I've been "looking" at jobs in the area. It would be GREAT if I could get an at home type job that didn't require selling things or making phone calls (or taking phone calls). So far everything I have seen wants you to pay them...Ummm I don't think so. I'm not going to PAY YOU in order to make money (unless it's a cheap price and it's a 100% legit company). Would be nice to have the extra money and not have to leave the girls for 8 hours a day.

I'm going to have to get busy cleaning the house. Jeremy's grandparents are coming out here at the end of June. That means I will AGAIN have to clean out "Jeremy's room" since he let his bags blow up in there after he got home. Ugh. I had it clean once.

I have a ton of projects I want to work on too...I have some stuff to start a purse out of ACU pants. Plus an apron for Maddie...but my sewing machine is in that room...I can't get to it lol.

Well I'm off...watching a movie and straightening up a bit. Fun fun fun.


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